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Imagine… the means to turn your dreams into virtual reality. WASBIT can take your spark of inspiration to a brilliant realization Through design solutions and services produced by highly qualified experts. Unique, technically advanced, custom products are engineered by teams working to meet your deadlines and dedicated to excellence. Imagine… all this is possible without leaving your chair.

Our Design & Development Process

Each company has it’s own design and development planning but here at WASBIT we are deferent then other companies on what we do with clarity of work and planning with our clients to improve customer experience, confidentiality and clear work flow with them.

Strategy & Roadmap.

In website and mobile app development, a well-defined strategy and roadmap are essential for success, ensuring user-centric design, security, scalability, and continuous improvement.

Visual & UX Design

Visual and UX design in website and mobile app development is pivotal, harmonizing aesthetics and user experience to create engaging, intuitive, and visually appealing interfaces for optimal user satisfaction.


We submit to our clients’ deferent designs once he agrees on one of them, we proceed with complete workflow of the plan and we start development after approval.

Launch & Monitor

We monitor and go ahead with live view to check and fix any digital interference by monitoring and getting updated from time to time and lunching new updates

What We Build For

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social media ads

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Digital Advertizment


Unlock the power of personalized experiences with our cutting-edge digital advertising solutions, ensuring your journey is tailored to your unique preferences and interests, all while delivering the content and offers that resonate with you, tracking your engagement seamlessly.

50k+ Audience Views 2k+ PPC

Advertisement Analytics Reporting

Productivity, Business

Experience the future of digital analytics as we employ state-of-the-art tracking technology to provide you with invaluable insights into your online interactions, ensuring a personalized, data-driven journey on our website that optimizes your experience and meets your exact needs.

180k+ Views by Reports • 1.2k+ Keywords Plans

What We Offer

Elevate your online presence with our comprehensive suite of services, including web development, social media management, mobile app development, digital advertising, and cutting-edge digital smart card creation.

Mobile App Development

Crafting innovative, user-centric mobile apps that enhance engagement, functionality, and convenience, ensuring your digital vision comes to life.

amazon AWS

Streamline your operations and scale effortlessly with our expert Amazon AWS integration services, ensuring reliable, cloud-based success.

website & API integration

We specialize in creating dynamic websites that captivate audiences, drive conversions, and reflect your brand’s unique identity and vision.

Social media management

Elevate your online presence with our strategic social media management, driving engagement, fostering brand loyalty, and amplifying your digital influence.

web & app maintenance

Our meticulous web and app maintenance ensures seamless experiences, instilling confidence in new customers to choose us as their trusted partners.

Data & server backups

Safeguard your critical data with our comprehensive backup solutions, ensuring data integrity, availability, and peace of mind.


Through expert web and app management, we prioritize our customers’ satisfaction, providing unparalleled support and enhancements to ensure they enjoy the finest user experience.

SSL Integration

We seamlessly integrated SSL into our customer’s platform, ensuring it meets search engine standards, enhancing security, and boosting search engine rankings.

online security

Our commitment to online security means we shield customers from DDoS attacks through strategic cooperation with Cloudflare, safeguarding their digital assets and operations.

plan your business

present your work

study you plan

Plan your business 100 %

Prior to embarking on web development, it’s vital to meticulously plan your business, ensuring every detail is considered. This comprehensive approach enables us to transform dreams into digital realities seamlessly

Present Your Work 4.5 out of 5

“As a web development company, we excel in presenting your work at a 4.5 out of 5 level, and we’re dedicated to maintaining this standard to help you stay competitive in the market”

Study Your Plan 1M 

“In 2023, as a web development agency, we strongly advise our customers to scrutinize their plans meticulously, even a million times, before proceeding, given the intense competition in the digital landscape”

Already Know What you want to Do With Your Project?

If you already have a clear vision, don’t hesitate to reach out to us as a web development agency, and we’ll swiftly bring your project or ads to life.