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Frequently asked questions regarding the WEB and APP Development

As an agency with almost a decade of experience in web development and digital advertising, I highly recommend that customers dedicate some time to thoroughly peruse the Questions and Answers section, as it often contains invaluable insights and solutions to common queries in this dynamic industry.

Do I need a website?

If you are considering to entering the business world a website that represent your company is a mandatory because it represent your business as a professional, differentiate you then others and if you want to change you physical location your online location will be present.

how much will it cost?

The cost of development depends on the specific features and functionalities you wish to implement in your product. Each hour a developer invests in creating new features for your website incurs expenses. Therefore, we recommend carefully planning your concept, and we will assist you in organizing the workflow to bring your idea to fruition efficiently.

Are there any additional payments required?

It’s crucial to be aware that following the completion of your website or apps, there are essential ongoing costs you will incur, including hosted servers, web/app maintenance, and web/app management, which are indispensable for sustained optimal performance.

i did an application or web but i want to change my developer

We strongly recommend that if you’ve designed an app or website, you should consider completing the development with the same company to avoid potential issues with scripted code. Changing development companies during this stage can sometimes lead to unexpected complications. Our advice is to opt for code that remains unscripted for any development project you undertake.

Frequently asked questions regarding Social Midia Management and Digital Advertisement

We highly recommend scheduling a meeting with us to discuss your social media management SMM. Prior to this meeting, we will conduct a thorough review of your account, highlighting key areas for improvement. During our discussion, we will showcase both the strengths and weaknesses of your account and provide recommendations for the most suitable management solution package, We also advise conducting a comprehensive case study for any future digital advertising endeavors. A well-executed study is crucial for achieving the desired outcomes in your digital advertising campaigns

what is SMM?

SMM refires to Social Media Management

How many packages do you have for SMM, and what package do I need?

We offer a range of Social Media Management Services tailored to both your budget and our assessment of your profile. Based on our research, we will recommend the most suitable package to effectively enhance your profile.

Do I need social media for my business?

We highly recommend that every business establishes a presence on social media to effectively represent their brand and facilitate growth. Therefore, our firm belief is that proper management of a social media platform is essential for every business.

Can you get me more subscribers by digital advertisements?

We can generate a significant number of views for your social media accounts through advertisements, and those genuinely interested in your products or services may choose to follow. We want to emphasize that we do not promise to deliver subscribers to your social accounts or channels, as such a claim would be misleading. Our focus is on increasing the number of visitors to your social media platforms.

How do I know my digital advertisement is correct?

Each advertisement requires meticulous planning, including the selection of the target audience, audience size, and the optimal timing for deployment. This is achieved through thorough analysis of the advertisement’s performance. The feedback and analysis obtained from each ad campaign inform us about our actions, our position within that ad, and guide us in making improvements for better results.

Social Media Management SMM

This relies on your industry and the type of content we can offer to effectively communicate your services to your customers on social platforms, enhancing your professional image.

Smart Website Development

Crafting a smart website as your digital business identity, showcasing your professionalism to your customers, our smart website development ensures seamless adaptation to various screen sizes, including computer monitors, tablets, and smartphones. This is the essence of our responsive smart website development.

Website and social media analysis given by live analytic platforms to help gives us a data about your business and see where we are going and how to increase your results.

Technical website and SMM Analysis

Monitoring your website and social media, analyzing data, and gauging people’s responses provides valuable insights that guide us in effectively attracting a larger audience interested in your products or services.


In today’s dynamic digital landscape, our professional company excels in web development, mobile application, and social media management by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology, user-centric design, and strategic marketing, ensuring exceptional online success for our clients.


We leverage Google Pay’s robust APIs to seamlessly integrate secure and efficient payment processing into our websites and applications, enhancing user convenience and trust in every transaction.


We harness the power of Apple Pay as payment, seamlessly embedding its user-friendly payment functionality into our websites and applications, ensuring secure transactions for our clients.


Leveraging PayPal, a globally trusted payment gateway, we expertly integrate it into our client’s websites and applications, ensuring seamless, secure online transactions and a superior user experience.


As a web and mobile development agency, we seamlessly incorporate VISA, a universally recognized payment method, into our client’s digital platforms, ensuring frictionless, secure online transactions for their customers.


Our expertise in integrating payment gateways shines as we seamlessly embed MASTERCARD, a trusted payment method, into our client’s websites and applications, ensuring secure and efficient online transactions.


As experts in payment gateway integration, we flawlessly incorporate American Express, a premium payment method, into our client’s websites and applications, guaranteeing secure and streamlined online transactions.


Our work entails the meticulous management, maintenance, and continual upgrades of online servers, ensuring they consistently meet the latest technological standards and performance.


We specialize in seamlessly integrating Cloudflare into your website, offering expert management, ongoing maintenance, and proactive upgrades to align with evolving technology standards.


Our core expertise lies in expertly integrating PHP programming into your website, providing vigilant maintenance, and proactive upgrades to ensure alignment with the latest technology standards.


With almost a decade of experience as web development agency, we excel in crafting and maintaining HTML5 solutions for your website, keeping them current with the ever-evolving technology landscape.


Our expertise lies in skillfully developing and customizing WordPress for your website, ensuring meticulous maintenance, and proactive upgrades to stay in tune with evolving technology standards.

Secure Sockets Layer SSL SECURITY

We specialize in seamlessly integrating SSL into your website, offering meticulous maintenance and proactive upgrades to ensure your online security remains aligned with evolving technology standards.


Our expertise lies in proficient iOS app development, providing meticulous maintenance and proactive upgrades to keep your applications aligned with the latest technology standards.

WorldClass Support

Our Android development expertise extends to meticulous maintenance, proactive technology upgrades, and seamless integration of secure payment gateways to ensure your apps remain up to date and user-friendly.


Our services encompass expertly managing your Facebook page and its advertisements, enhancing your online presence in the social services sector, ultimately driving more business leads your way.


Leveraging Instagram’s local popularity, our services focus on adeptly managing your Instagram page and ads, boosting your social services visibility, and generating more business leads.


Harnessing the immense reach of TikTok, our services revolve around skillfully managing your TikTok page and ads, expanding your presence in the social services sector and driving valuable business leads.


Utilizing the immense potential of YouTube, our services specialize in expertly managing your channel and ads, expanding your reach in the social platform services sphere, and might generate valuable business leads.


We provide robust data backup services for your website, ensuring data availability in case of unforeseen events. All backups are mirrored, safeguarding against server failures with offsite replication.


Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating Amazon AWS servers with your developed websites or applications, ensuring a smooth, high-performance, and reliable cloud infrastructure.

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